A State of Bliss (April 2020)

It’s been a little while since we’ve shared the inner workings of our team with you all, so we thought we’d set this blog off right and bring back these posts 😉

There’s been a lot of changes under the hood, as well as a few new paint jobs added to Bliss since our last ASOB post. We’ve updated the websites with some new content, adding a docs section to both sites, a BlissROMs stats page & Bliss OS stats page, and revamping the Bliss OS site with Bliss-Bot upgrades that allow it to help in more ways than just providing somewhat legible sentences. It can now answer a bunch of FAQ’s, and even supply the common download links for not just Bliss OS, but many of the devices supported through BlissROMs as well.

Speaking of BlissROMs, we also added a maintainers section to both websites. Check the team tab to see their glorious avatars, and if you are a device developer and want to get your builds that Official status, we’ve also moved to a new way of handling maintainers too. Please head over to https://blissroms.com/maintainers/ to check that out.

As for how Bliss has been doing as an organization, we’ve restructured recently to better enable the various parts of Bliss to communicate a little better, and not have so many people spread out across the various branches of Bliss. Just like our current social distancing measures we’re all getting used to in real life, the move for Bliss has been a hard move for some and an easy move for others, but we’re definitely doing everything we can to make the experience a bit more blissful 😉

Now, what about Bliss OS? Well, Bliss OS is still going strong. We’ve pushed out a few updates for Bliss OS 11.x (Android 9) and have been working on getting proper 32-bit builds going again. On the Bliss OS 12.x (Android 10) front, we’ve had a few more bugs pop up, but are well on our way to getting those fixed up and working better than ever. And some new news for everyone out there, we’ve already started working on bringing Android 11 to PC’s and will start posting more about that project as time goes. So far, we have things building as a generic .iso and booting in a vm. It’s so exciting to dive in and get things like this working with our PC hardware. Due to the higher than usual learning curve when it comes to the x86/x86_64 side of things, we are always looking for contributors on the Bliss OS side of things. So find us on Telegram if you are interested in learning more about contributing towards Bliss OS.

So that wraps up this month’s “A State of Bliss” post! If you haven’t checked it out yet, please visit Eric’s “Updates” post for more detailed information regarding changes to BlissRoms and have a great rest of the week!

– Jon (@electrikjesus)

Updates (April 2020)

New blog == new content == more things to enjoy. So what’s new this month for Team Bliss?


New rules regarding Telegram

As the projects of Team Bliss grow, so does the community surrounding it. And while we are open and accepting to each and every member of our quickly burgeoning community, some malicious individuals have decided to exploit that aspect.

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a lot of people not follow the rules and instructions posted on our website and Telegram groups. In particular, we have seen a sharp uptick on nasty behavior toward admins and developers, where users believe they are entitled to something from our team.

Our stance on this is extremely clear – Team Bliss will not cater to rude people. If you are kicked or banned from our channel, you best believe you have been rude to us, a team member, or a member of our community at some point. Bans will not be reversed if the reasoning is just, so do not ask. Any attempts to circumvent the ban using alternate accounts will be reported to Telegram and all alternate accounts will promptly be banned as well.

Please be nice and don’t be rude. Thanks!

Looking for server donations

Team Bliss is also on the lookout for server donations! If you or the organization you work with have some spare slots on your servers, please contact us to get things rolling. We may even display your organization’s sponsor logos as a show of gratitude! 😀

In particular, we are looking for build servers to set up weekly/nightly builds for our device roster and some infrastructure servers to help team processes, such as documentation and bug tracking. If you believe your servers are capable, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

You can email us here. Please include the phrase “Server Donation” in the subject so we can quickly respond!


New devices

We have a lot of new devices joining our team roster this month! The additions are as follows (all tags are Telegram handles):

  • Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet) – maintained by @thatsaftab
  • Mi 8 Lite (platina) – maintained by @hanifardhani
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (grus) – maintained by @pivcer
  • Asus Max Pro M2 (X01BD) – maintained by @Nitesh_121
  • Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971) – maintained by @Orgasmtron

If your device is on this list please don’t forget to thank your maintainer as you grab your build of BlissRoms!

POCO X2 Developer Program

We’d like to give thanks to POCO for sending their POCO X2 to our developer Jack (@jackeagle). Follow POCO’s Instagram account and Twitter account for more information about the POCO X2!

ROM changes

  • Added the Trebuchet Launcher. All new builds will use Trebuchet going forward.
  • Removed Lawnchair Launcher.
  • Added icon pack support to Trebuchet Launcher.
  • Double tap to sleep has been added
  • Recents swipe with gesture have been added
  • Added 6 new clocks in styles and wallpapers (thanks to the Bootleggers team!)
    • Divided Lines
    • SFUNY
    • MMNL Box
    • MMNL Minimal
    • Orona
    • Nerves Clock
  • Clocks have resizable font and different styles (on some clocks only)
  • Fix for themes section crashing has been added (please submit bug reports if you encounter any!)

We would like to express our thanks for everyone that helped add these features and improvements to BlissRoms, including the Bootleggers team for the clock additions!

Thanks for tuning into this month’s worth of updates. I’ll sign off here and hand it over to Jon with his Bliss OS updates on “A State of Bliss” posts, as is tradition. See you on the next update post!

– Eric (@ideaman924)

New blog!

Long time no see!

If you were here during the Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo days, you may remember the “Updates” posts and “A State of Bliss” posts on our Google Plus page. Sadly, after Google buried Google+ most of our status update posts were deleted.

We’re trying to revive that spirit with a new blog! This blog will host regular updates from the members of Team Bliss, where we will talk about features currently being worked on, the state within the team, and much more! You may see posts from me, from Jon (I think you’ll enjoy his updates on x86, since that is quite the popular platform to run Android on at this point), and anybody else on the team working on development.

If you would like to get regular updates, I recommend subscribing using WordPress’s RSS feature (thanks to Darren for pointing out that RSS is still working in WordPress!) You can subscribe with the feed URL: https://blog.blissroms.com/feed/

So if you’re just as hyped as we are for posting more content for you to enjoy, then follow along with us for the journey and consider checking out some of our social links up top!

– Eric (@ideaman924)